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  1. Pat Gabbert says:

    As of 5-13-16 BTC2x.com is not paying everyone.. not sure how to add a screenshot here but on a person’s 2nd or 3rd “investment” they keep your money, instead of saying “paid”, “NaN:NaN:NaN” appear followed by a few hours added to your timer (taking you well past 100 hours) and eventually you just give up.. selective scamming. Build your confidence a little and then rob you. STAY AWAY.

  2. bong says:

    hey, are you sure about btc2x that still paying because i have put an investment on that site that was last february.saying i will pay after 100 hours but until now no payment recieve and costumer service didn’t answer my email.so i were you, just put it on not paying site because it will pay you once or twice then after that they take your money.

  3. how about handsofbit.com

  4. Frederick Hitchcock says:

    Hey…great site. Just letting you know I am following you and appreciate the updates.

  5. i found another scam same style of mooninvest look https://bitcoinsdouble.com/

  6. Jason Thomas says:

    Love the site ! Please keep updating this! Here’s a couple sites that have been paying me and i think may be up for awhile..
    Best Longest running upgradable faucet.. I have been collecting here since Sept!
    This site is a couple weeks running now with Instant withdraws! Awesome concept I am making the most here…
    Ok my last little gem here has a ton of users and has been paying almost instantly..

  7. Ivan says:

    realmoneymake.com is not paying!
    My withdrawal request is pending for more then a week, although they talk about 12 business hours after request.
    Be aware of them!

  8. Daniel Dieterle says:

    I believe there is a chance that the Trump Forex club is now Forex Reserve https://forex-reserve.com/ I say this because when I went to register it said I was already a member. I haven’t tried to withdraw any money as of yet, but the small amount I have invested has grown nicely. I just keep reinvesting the profit.

  9. Oleg says:

    BTC 4 money…. I can’t withdraw my funds in payeer from first day that this existed…

  10. Olawale says:

    I was introduce to 10bit by a friend and I invested $20 on 22/05/2016, by Friday it yeiled only,0.00027050, i was furious was it not 10% increase daily, I tried to withdraw from 26/05/016 it showing exceeded daily limit, I tried it today 27/05/016, still same thing. All I wanna say 10bit is a big SCAM to good money just invest like $1 if u want to give it a try.

  11. BTC4Money is a scam, i send 2$ to try and they never receive the money on the site

  12. Melisa says:

    Ahas today no payout

  13. Honson Luma says:

    Mybtc double 200 percent is a scam! 48 hrs no active btc. Email sent to contact list on web, no response. Straight scam…I sent 0.04 btc. They double my btc alright.

  14. Melisa says:

    Bit has page not open anymore

  15. Melisa says:

    Bit hash not open the page I no paying one week now

  16. Melisa says:

    Ahas.oi no payout two days now

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